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KEF 4: Solving Your Forward Error Correction Problems

About This Webinar

Forward Error Correction (FEC) can effectively eliminate data loss (frame loss) in systems with moderately high Bit Error Rates (BER) of 1E-4 or more. However, in real systems, errors sometimes occur in bursts and can lead to FEC failure and non-zero Frame Loss Ratio (FLR). This presentation will demonstrate a real-time oscilloscope combined with FEC-aware tester. This solution will be shown to trigger on, capture and debug burst errors, or uncorrectable FEC events that can lead to unexpected frame loss in 400GBASE-DR4 and 400GBASE-SR8 devices. New solutions for 800G OSFP devices will also be covered.

  • Your test tools can work in the presence of Forward Error Correction (FEC)
  • New tools exist that make debugging FEC problems easier
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Infiniium Product Planner
Mike is Keysight’s product planner for the Infiniium line of high-performance real-time oscilloscopes. He has 29 years of experience in the test and measurement business including HW, SW, FPGA, and ASIC design for oscilloscopes, product and ASIC planning, and R&D project management. Mike lives with his family in Colorado Springs, CO, and is an avid skier and cyclist.
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