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KEF 1: Advanced Testing Challenges at 32GBaud PAM4 with PCIe® 6.0

Thu, Apr 7, 2022 · 8:00 AM · Pacific Time (US & Canada)
About This Webinar

PCI Express 6.0 doubles Gen5’s data rate achieving a maximum data throughput of 64GT/s. It does this without needing to increase the bandwidth of the Gen5 channel by utilizing PAM4, multi-level signaling which allows PCIe 6.0 to transmit two data bits per symbol. Nevertheless, PAM4 ushers new challenges in testing at the physical layer, and new measurements will need to be made to PCIe Gen6 silicon such as SNDR and multi-edge jitter. This session will help you better understand some of the key challenges of moving from NRZ (non-return-to-zero) to PAM4 technology along with new measurement requirements for transmitter and receiver testing. This seminar leverages test data from Keysight’s pathfinding efforts supporting the development of PCIe Express 6.0 technology along with similar signaling approaches used in the IEEE 802.3 and CEI 4.0 standards.

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Webinar hosting presenter
Principal Program Manager for Serial Computer Bus Technologies, Keysight Technologies
Rick Eads is a principal program manager at Keysight Technologies with expertise in technical/industrial marketing and development of test and measurement tools and electronic design automation software in the computer, semi-conductor, communications, and storage industries. Rick provides technical leadership in driving standards within industry organizations for PCI Express, CCIX, GenZ, OCP, NVM Express, CEI 4.0, IEEE 802.3, ExpressCard, DDR, SATA, and InfiniBand. Rick earned an MBA from the University of Colorado and holds a BSEE from Brigham Young University with an emphasis on digital design and computer architecture. Rick actively contributes to the development of the PCIe physical layer BASE, CEM, and Test specifications and has led electrical Gold Suite testing at PCI-SIG workshops worldwide since 2004. Rick currently serves on the PCISIG Board of Directors and is also serving as the co-chair of the Gen-Z Consortium’s Compliance and Interoperability Working Group.
Webinar hosting presenter
Senior Application Engineer, Keysight Technologies
Pegah Alavi is a Senior Applications Engineer at Keysight Technologies, where she focuses on Signal Integrity and High Speed Digital systems. Prior to joining Keysight, Pegah worked on behavioral and macro-modeling of analog and mixed signal circuits and components in her previous jobs.