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Phase Noise Theory and Measurement

About This Webinar

The phase noise performance of an RF or microwave signal generator is often a key factor in determining how well it fits an application.

The most common phase noise architectures are single-loop and double-loop and these will be explored in this webinar.

We will cover the fundamental theory of phase noise and several key solutions.

Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter
A/D Application Engineer Focused on Phase Noise, Keysight Technologies
Brooks Hanley is an Aerospace/Defense Application Engineer focused on phase noise at Keysight Technologies in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has held positions in solution marketing, applications support, new product launch engineering, and firmware engineering. Brooks holds a BSEE, BS Physics and BA Mathematics from Sonoma State University and an MSEE and MBA from California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo.
Webinar hosting presenter
RFMW Solutions Engineer, at Keysight Technologies
Joanne supports RFMW test solutions and provides training and support in RFMW theory and measurement. Her expertise includes low-noise microwave synthesizer design, test and integration with Raytheon Missile Systems and Frequency Sources Inc. With HP/Agilent, Joanne provided all aspects of RFMW measurement support and developed and delivered training in Fundamental and Advanced RFMW, Phase-Noise, Radar and Digital Communications, and DOCSIS Test Solutions. In Business Development and Strategic Marketing with Analog Devices and Lockheed Martin, Joanne has driven strategies and capture efforts for Highspeed Converters and Aerospace Defense RFMW Systems including low-noise seekers, communications data links and Electronic Warfare Systems. She received her BSEE from Northeastern University, MSEE from Tufts University in Microwave Engineering, and High Technology MBA from Northeastern University. With Northeastern University’s Gordon Engineering Leadership and mmWave Research Programs, Joanne serves on Industry Advisory Boards and continues as a guest speaker/instructor and project management mentor.