Take Component Testing from 5G to 6G

With the evolution of 5G, technologies like non-terrestrial networks and 5G RedCap continue expanding, leading to novel use cases and broader definitions of user equipment. The industry is already looking forward to 6G wireless technology while developing innovations like Open RAN. 

Attendees will stay informed about the latest trends in real-world wireless communication testing and learn practical solutions to address the challenges. Join this webinar to gain valuable insight into measuring component characteristics using the latest network analysis solutions from Keysight.

Other available sessions:

  • Gabi Duncan
    Network Analyzer Product Marketing Manager
  • Nizar Messaoudi
    Solution Architect for the Quantum Engineering Solutions
  • Dr. Joel Dunsmore
    R&D Fellow
  • Heather Richardson
    Application Development Engineer
  • Sarah LaSelva
    Director of 6G Marketing
  • Afsi Moaveni
    Senior Application Engineer
  • Benjamin Schoch
    Research Scientist, University of Stuttgart

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Webinar: Take Component Testing from 5G to 6G by Keysight