The State of POS Testing: Winning the Battle of Speed Versus Quality

Software engineering teams and QA leaders face an impossible decision. 

On the one hand, they prioritize velocity, releasing software to meet market demands at breakneck speed while running the risk of overlooking bugs, which results in disappointed customers. On the other, they could opt for thorough testing, which can slow release cycles and potentially surrender competitive advantage. 

However, as the" Human Versus Machine: The State of POS Testing" report makes clear, this quandary becomes more pronounced as 72% of retail QA leaders continue using manual testing methods. The increasing demand for faster releases seems at odds with manual testing, which is notorious for creating bottlenecks and slowing down the entire release process. 

This contradiction begs the question, why does manual testing persist when most senior decision-makers favor speed over quality? 

Join our webinar, where our experts will delve into the challenges and explore critical insights from Keysight's latest industry report, "Human Versus Machine: The State of POS Testing.


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  • Steve M. Barreto
    Senior Solutions Engineer at Keysight Technologies
    Steve Barreto is a software testing technologist with experience in artificial & automation intelligence (AI) and end user experience (EUX). With an extensive background as a former QA manager and C-suite executive, Steve has successfully implemented enterprise software test automation solutions across industries such as banking, brokerage, telecommunications, and manufacturing.

    A true pioneer in IT governance and enterprise architecture, Steve has over 30 years of experience leading global IT organization. Steve is dedicated to the discipline and fundamentals of software testing and is eager to share his profound knowledge and insights on the latest AI and automation techniques.
  • Mike Wager
    Product Marketing Manager - Keysight Technologies
    Mike Wager is a Product Marketing Manager at Keysight. Over the last decade, he has brought product ideas and services to life for digital retail technologies, SaaS applications, and software development. In his current role, Mike communicates the unique benefits of AI-driven test automation for retail applications, in-store systems, and eCommerce experiences.
  • Karamveer Singh
    Solutions Engineer at Keysight Technologies
    Karamveer is an expert in edge computing capabilities and automated software testing. He has worked on several high-profile projects, including developing automated test frameworks for eCommerce websites and implementing edge computing capabilities in IoT devices.

    As a certified Scrum Master, Karamveer understands software development teams' unique challenges and has a wealth of experience in using agile techniques to improve project outcomes. His expertise in automated testing has helped numerous organizations improve their testing processes and deliver higher-quality software.

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Webinar: The State of POS Testing: Winning the Battle of Speed Versus Quality by Keysight