AI in the Fast Lane: Boosting Speed and Quality in Software Testing

The potential and existing benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) and intelligent test automation are massive, especially in complex deployment environments. In regulated industries like healthcare, aerospace and defense, and finance, quality assurance (QA) testers grapple with challenges posed by highly intricate systems, mission-critical applications, and stringent regulatory frameworks.

Join our experts as they delve into the transformative power of AI to enable intelligent test automation.

Key learnings:

  • Explore how AI and intelligent test automation can intelligently integrate into heavily regulated sectors, overcoming deployment challenges and enhancing software quality.
  • Gain insights from an industry analyst on the evolving landscape for AI adoption in software testing, including ethical considerations, security impacts, and future trends.
  • Get firsthand experience from a user of test automation software who will describe the game-changing aspects of AI in software testing while navigating potential risks.

This webinar will provide valuable insight for professionals navigating the challenges of QA testing in regulated sectors. Understand the impact, explore emerging trends, and learn about the practical applications of AI and intelligent test automation.

Don't miss this opportunity to engage with industry leaders and enhance your approach to QA.

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  • Jonathon Wright
    Chief Technologist at Keysight Technologies
    Jonathon is a familiar face to anyone in the quality assurance and test automation space. He is recognized as a thought leader in the testing community, most recently through his tenure as President of Vivit, the world’s largest independent user community with over 70,000 members across 190 countries. Alongside this, he hosts the popular QA Lead podcast, where he regularly interviews leading influencers across the industry. In his spare time, Jonathon sits on the committee for the ISO 29119 part 11 for Testing AI-based systems, the European Commission’s AI Alliance, and co-authored ‘AI in Testing’ with Rex Black. Jonathan is proud to have recently joined the Eggplant team at Keysight Technologies as their Chief Technology Evangelist.
  • Andrew Young
    Senior Vice President and Delivery Director at IntellectA
    Andrew is a Senior Executive and Delivery Director at IntellectAI, overseeing Portfolio and Delivery Management, Testing Services, Intelligent Process Automation, and Release Management for a global client base. Andrew's background includes transitioning from a developer role into management, specializing in testing for major programs and organizations. He successfully employed Test Automation and Behavior Driven Development, resulting in saving over £1.25M in test costs for a FTSE100 company in 2023 and £3M+ over the past three years. Prior roles include positions at the Co-operative Bank, Nationwide Building Society, CMG, Capita, Vertex Data Science, and Marlborough Stirling.
  • Melinda-Carol Ballou
    Research Director, Agile ALM, Quality & Portfolio Strategies at IDC
    Melinda Ballou is the Research Director for IDC’s Application Life-Cycle Management (ALM) program, offering thought leadership and expert analysis on end-to-end application life-cycle management. With a focus on agile DevOps strategies, she provides competitive intelligence and consulting to G2000 end-user companies, software providers, and investment firms. Melinda collaborates across IDC teams to shape research on application development, DevOps, project and portfolio management, and business/IT governance for agile and digital transformation.

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Webinar: AI in the Fast Lane: Boosting Speed and Quality in Software Testing by Keysight