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是德科技 電子量測論壇

Keysight World Tech Day 2024


2024/06/19 , 9:15 am TAIPEI (08:30起開始報到)


台北市中山區樂群二路199號 (與敬業四路交叉口)

攜手是德  共創未來

Keysight Tech Day 是一個獻給工程師、產業領袖和創新者的盛會! 今年的活動將透過三個論壇深入討論無線通訊、人工智慧和汽車創新的最新發展。我們將探索5G6G技術的發展、網路智能如何提高能源效率,以及NTN技術的發展與佈局。還有年度關鍵詞 - AI,讓我們一起探索高速數位如何突破人工智慧領域的挑戰,將效率和智慧提升到前所未有的高度汽車產業顛覆性的革命也不容忽視,包括電動化、自動化和車聯網如何重新塑造了我們的日常交通方式。

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Track A: Advancing 5G and Next-Generation Communication

This track delves into the groundbreaking advancements driven by the next generation of wireless technology. These innovations are reshaping the landscape of connectivity, enhancing speed, intelligence, coverage, security, and efficiency. With the recent release of 5G standards, we see the emergence of new applications such as NTN, RedCap, and AI / ML. Early discussions surrounding 6G have already begun, propelling the development of key technologies to address existing challenges. Join us as we provide updates on the current state of 5G Advanced and explore the essential enabling technologies for 6G. We also highlight Keysight's latest MXG-C/UXA for 6G signals. Industry experts will share their insights, making this a must-attend event for anyone interested in the future of wireless communication.

Track B: Scaling Terabit Infrastructure for the AI Era

Explore the dynamic landscape of AI and data centers in the Gigabit to Terabit Era. This seminar discusses advancements in AI, ML, and data processing speeds up to 1.6T, including LPO and CPO strategies. Discover 6.0/7.0, CXL 2.0/3.0, Silicon Photonics, PCIe®, and Chiplet innovations. Learn about accelerating HSD Test Automation with examples like USB4 v2, DP 2.1, and HDMI 2.1. Further, explore memory technologies such as HBM and LP-/G-/DDR5/6/7 shaping the future of AI-driven data centers. This session will also highlight Keysight's new DCA-X/UXR/PNA-X/SSA-X and how together, they can help you build a robust AI environment. Join us for insights into AI and data center evolution.

Track C: Driving Success in Automotive Innovation

This track delves into the ongoing automotive revolution, focusing on key advancements and challenges. Topics include C-V2X, automotive cybersecurity, radar, lidar, and emulation for autonomous driving. Additionally, the track will provide insights on electric vehicles (EV), electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE)  infrastructure, charging networks, vehicle-to-grid (V2G) systems, and battery testing. The seminar also covers in-vehicle networking (IVN) technologies such as automotive Ethernet, ASA, and A-PHY. Attendees will learn about using Keysight SG/SA/AWG to develop an advanced radar system. Join us to explore automotive innovation.

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頭獎   小米掃拖機器人 X10+ 

貳獎   DJI MINI 2 SE 迷你航拍機旅拍套裝 

參獎   BALMUDA The Toaster 蒸氣烤麵包機 

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Keysight World Tech Day 2024 - Taipei