PathWave Design 2023 Webinar Series
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Welcome to the PathWave Design 2023 Webinar Series. This series of events covers the newest features and enhancements coming in the PathWave Design 2023 solutions for design and modeling engineers. It also demonstrates how Keysight’s customers are using PathWave EDA products to ensure more efficient and predictable design cycles.

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  • 9:30 AM SGT (GMT+8) | 17 January 2023
    PathWave ADS 2023 for RF & Microwave Design
    Tuesday, January 17, 2023 · 9:30 AM +08
    Join us to learn the latest RF and microwave design capabilities in Keysight Advanced Design System (ADS) 2023 and achieve consistent design wins. You will learn how to:

    - streamline your RF and microwave design flow with the latest ADS platform innovations
    - assemble, interconnect, and verify your 3D multi-technology RF designs
    - get thorough design insights with new RF circuit & electro-thermal simulation technologies
    - automate your 3D EM-circuit co-simulation with RFPro
    - simulate more, wait 10x less with high performance computing

    Presenter: Cedric Pujol / Keysight
  • 11:00 AM SGT (GMT+8) | 17 January 2023
    PathWave Device Modeling 2023
    Tuesday, January 17, 2023 · 11:00 AM +08
    Join our device modeling experts and learn how to:

    - enable efficient management and documentation of complex device modeling projects with the new IC-CAP’s Model Generator
    - model and extract the trapping effects in GaN HEMTs
    - achieve fast and low-cost low-frequency noise measurements with A-LFNA 2023
    - use ANN Model Generator to extract a scalable inductor model

    Roberto Tinti / Dr. Ma Long / Toshiyuki Saito / Janice Deng, Keysight
  • 10:00 AM SGT (GMT+8) | 18 January 2023
    PathWave ADS 2023 for High-Speed Digital Design and Simulation
    Wednesday, January 18, 2023 · 10:00 AM +08
    Join our Keysight experts for an overview of the key use cases in our upcoming releases and learn how:

    - Keysight integrates a complete design to test workflow for DDR5 memory from simulation, to probing/fixturing, measurements on the widest bandwidth oscilloscopes, and JEDEC compliance test reports.
    - For Signal Integrity, to leverage our AMI Modelers for PCIe Gen 5/6, USB4 and Ethernet which provide accurate model generation to obtain a more realistic simulation faster.
    - For Power Integrity, to quickly generate complex test setups in just minutes, and find and troubleshoot and analyze the source of Conducted and Radiated leakage issues.
    - Power Electronics (PE) is all about handling power: generating it, converting it, and moving it from source to load. Keysight delivers design and modeling tools to accelerate your PE workflow and ensure your designs are accurate, reliable, and built for optimal performance.

    Stephen Slater / Heidi Barnes / Steven Lee, Keysight
  • 11:00 AM SGT (GMT+8) | 18 January 2023
    Achieve Escape Velocity with PathWave System Design and PathWave VSA 2023
    Wednesday, January 18, 2023 · 11:00 AM +08
    Join our system simulation experts to see how Keysight is transforming the digital engineering workflow. Get up to date on advances to the latest communications standards, environment modeling, next generation 6G research, inventions in RF modeling, and digital twin solutions for commercial and aerospace / defense. You will learn how to:

    - Take 5G to the skies with support for 5G Release 17 and non-terrestrial networks.
    - Advance your 6G research with a flexible simulation platform for next-generation wideband signals and terahertz RF modeling.
    - Create digital twins of your aerospace / defense phased array systems for faster development and deployment.
    - Verify advanced Wi-Fi, connectivity, and IoT hardware with digital twin and environment modeling solutions.

    Raj Sodhi / Peter Blood, Keysight
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