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Conducted EMI Simulations Made Easy with PathWave ADS

About This Webinar

The automotive industry with CISPR 25 is driving some of the most stringent requirements for EMI in the industry. Noise levels as low as nanoamps of common-mode currents can lead to conducted EMI failures. When found late in the design, these failures are expensive to troubleshoot and can easily justify the need for post-layout simulation prior to building hardware. Engineers often complain that SPICE does not capture the PCB parasitics accurately and that EM simulators can get it right, but are time-consuming and complex to use. PathWave ADS with PIPro simplifies EMI simulations for the power integrity engineer. PIPro leverages fast net-based setups of a DC IR drop analysis to directly copy to a Conducted EMI (CEMI) analysis with full differential excitation. The EM model is then combined with component behavioral models to create a digital twin for the exploration and mitigation of EMI noise sources.

Key Learnings:
- The basics of conducted EMI and the standards that matter
- Understanding common-mode vs. differential noise sources
- How to set up and run a digital twin conducted EMI simulation
- Why EMI simulations should use Harmonic Balance to get fast time-domain results

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Power Integrity Product Owner
Heidi is a senior application engineer in signal and power integrity. Her recent activities include the application of electromagnetic, frequency, transient, and channel simulators to solve signal integrity (SI) and power integrity (PI) challenges. Heidi’s experience includes six years in SI and PI for ATE test fixtures for Verigy, an Advantest Group, six years in RF/Microwave microcircuit packaging for Agilent Technologies, and ten years with NASA in the aerospace industry. She was awarded the 2017 DesignCon Engineer of the Year Award.