ChatGPT-4 Testers: Navigating the AI Frontier

Join us for this enlightening webinar as Jonathon Wright, Keysight’s chief technology evangelist, engages in a thought-provoking conversation with TEI founder Paul Gerrard. They will explore the transformative capabilities and ethical dimensions of ChatGPT-4 by OpenAI. This webinar delves deep into the fascinating world of ChatGPT-4, the latest iteration of OpenAI’s renowned language model. As technology enthusiasts and industry leaders, Jonathon and Paul will shine a light on the potential this artificial intelligence (AI)-powered platform brings to business, research, and beyond. 

They will delve into its advanced language capabilities, showcasing how it can empower organizations to streamline their operations and engage with users on a whole new level. 

This discussion highlights the following topics: 

  • The strengths and advantages of Chat GPT-4. 
  • The importance of responsible AI usage, emphasizing the need for transparency, fairness, and inclusivity in AI-driven applications. 
  • How to harness ChatGPT-4’s potential while navigating the potential pitfalls that may arise. 
  • Ethical guidelines to follow when using AI technologies. 

Whether you are a business leader, developer, researcher, or simply an AI enthusiast, this discussion promises to equip you with the knowledge and awareness necessary to make informed decisions in the world of AI.

If you are located in Europe, please register here.


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  • Jonathon Wright
    Chief Technologist at Keysight Technologies
    Jonathon is a familiar face to anyone in the quality assurance and test automation space. He is recognized as a thought leader in the testing community, most recently through his tenure as President of Vivit, the world’s largest independent user community with over 70,000 members across 190 countries. Alongside this, he hosts the popular QA Lead podcast, where he regularly interviews leading influencers across the industry. In his spare time, Jonathon sits on the committee for the ISO 29119 part 11 for Testing AI-based systems, the European Commission’s AI Alliance, and co-authored ‘AI in Testing’ with Rex Black. Jonathan is proud to have recently joined the Eggplant team at Keysight Technologies as their Chief Technology Evangelist.
  • Paul Gerrard
    Founder of Test Engineering Institution (TEI)
    Paul Gerrard is a consultant, teacher, author, webmaster, programmer, tester, conference speaker, rowing coach and publisher. He has conducted consulting assignments in all aspects of software testing and quality assurance, specializing in test assurance.

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Webinar: ChatGPT-4 Testers: Navigating the AI Frontier by Keysight