Keysight Live from DesignCon

Bringing our booth and education forums to you from DesignCon.
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    Eight Demos in 30 Minutes - Get To Know Our Booth
    Our experts will bring you on a speedy, interactive journey through each demo.
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    Advanced Testing Challenges at 32GBaud PAM4 with PCIe® 6.0
    Covering key challenges of moving from NRZ to PAM4 technology.
  • KEF 2 / View Now
    Next Gen Development in Type-C Ecosystem
    Covering the latest updates in the Type-C Ecosystem (USB, Display Port, Thunderbolt)
  • KEF 3 / View Now
    Quick Guide to Recalibrate Your Signal Integrity for PCI Express ® Applications
    Learn signal integrity analysis to improve your engineering intuition when dealing with PCI-X interfaces.
  • KEF 4 / View Now
    Solving Your Forward Error Correction Problems
    Demo of a real-time oscilloscope combined with FEC-aware tester.
  • KEF 5 / View Now
    Physical Layer Validation Challenges of Characterizing 100/200 Gbps/lane Designs
    IEEE 802.3ck (100Gbps/lane) physical layer conformal testing for both Tx and Rx
  • KEF 6 / View Now
    How to Efficiently Build and Analyze Memory Bus to Meet DDR Specification
    Discuss the importance of memory channel pre- and post-layout models.
  • KEF 7 / View Now
    Power Integrity Simulation and Measurement Tips and Tricks
    Leverage the latest in time domain & frequency domain measurements and simulation